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woman in a shoe   in reply to hopeforfamilia
Hi u came to the right place for help but some times it don't turn out with the help we post to u. But try this call 211 give city state tell them what u need help with they will give u a list of places to call. They help with rent dept lights gas water food clothing and more. Are u can type need help city state read each one very carefully tell u see the one u need. I have found a lot for people on here by typing this good luck if u need any more information please let me know if I not on I will still get your message in about a half hour
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hopeforfamilia   in reply to Stephen.H.
it's the missionaries from my church that work so hard to make my life worth anything to me anymore and still gives me hopeto go on with everything that's happened god bless you
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hopeforfamilia   in reply to shirleybill
hi Shirley I do not know anything about this site although I ran across It in a huge time of need. I do not know much about this website and do not want to say too much although I could really use the help right now I have hit Dead ends everywhere I have turned, now I realize a lot of people are in a rough situation and also need the help but anythings worth a try at this point a long story short November 19th 2013 my placenta abrupt ed I almost lost my daughter and my life. my daughter was in the NICU net for close to 1 month and I have 5 other children at home 1 in which was sexually abused at the sitters house the day I went to get my infant from the nick unitshe is beingharassed every single day by the perpetrators family with Threats that no mother could imagine, my heart aches everynight it is especially bad when my 7 year old daughter wakes up every night crying in fear. the family and then call social servicesand the police to cover up things their family did to my daughter and in a small town when you're the newbie of course they're going to believe these monsters I have even went to the school board do to my daughter being afraid for her life in school my husband's ex wife then decided she is going to jump inafter 5 years of not being in my 3 boys lives and take us to court during all of this and turn it around on my family all because her mom works at the court house and so does other family members of her she even used to and even know she just got out of prison they all believe her lies there are many more issues and I have been living a complete nightmare since November and my kids suffer too I promise to keep a long story shortso my husband found a job a different job at that to relocate our family because the entire County is basing everything all of the pastwe literally have this weekend to move out in three small children who will no longer have a roof over their head unless we find something my rent range could stay in the 800 mark and we are looking in Watertown Wisconsin due to the job offer my husband recently quit the job He has had for 13 years here just to do this also some boundary issues and now we're down to a weekend with an eviction notice A very troubled daughter all in all very hopeless and a lot more of happened I am truly been living a nightmare since November 19th please help... Com anything at this point is worth a try thanks for listening
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aim behind $9200 on my mortgage my foreclosure is next week , and no one is helping ,
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My name is Stephen and I have been homeless for the past 30 years. But all of my life I wanted to do missionary work for God, and so this last year I began my work for God. I am asking for a grant or Loan or Donation of $20,000 to spread the Gospel and to feed children in impoverished countries. I want to open a retail business whose purpose is to raise funds for a non- profit that I also would eventually start-up, and together the two will be the backbone that spreads the word of God and eventually a charity home/facility for poor children in a 3rd world country. I have one possible loan that will be available to me should I acquire my part of $20,000 and that additional amount will be $30,000 so the total will be $50,000 to begin the business. If you think you have a desire for the Gospel toa be spread and can help with the 20,000 or toward it please contact me by dropping a line to my email Thank you and God Bless you and pray for the little children of the world who are in need of nourishment, Love and I am praying for a miracle here not for me but for the children! Thank you again.!
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loan or grant for bills
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i need a loan or grant to pay up my bills
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is there a way i get help with a grant or loan to caught with the bills i have thank you
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malvern   in reply to mallamazeez
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 in response to CARROLLEE... check here
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 in response to PRAYERFUL... for job
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 in response to Scaloha... they have people that can help you
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 in response to ...   hi, iam 52 years old honorable usmc, support my wife (cancer servior), my grandson (autistic),,,while my daughter handles her college studies. i moved from connecticut to nc hoping to live easier. i just had my car taken away 2 days before christmas with christmas presents and all personel belongings. it took 5 days to find out where my car was. It already went on the trade auction. Now no car we rentted a car. i dont miss the 500.00 payments a month,but need help for downpayment and low monthly payments for short term.
thanks chris kelly,, teresa, and hayden
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maggie mae01
 in response to SADLYME...   I agree with what you are saying. I have 2 daughters and they have not received enough money to give or get anything new or even used in 3 years. I have congestive heart failure so I live on 602.00 a month where is my help?
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Hello Everyone, My name is Mrs jullietta Chuks located in London, i will advise you contact Ms Melissa Pravo for an urgent loan. She is reliable and genuine. She gave me a loan of $62,500 when my family was really in bad shape with finance.She gave me the loan when at the exact time i needed it. I have a new restaurant business and all of my debt has been cleared. I have made a promise within me that i must advertise for her business because of what she has done for me. Contact her through her email at She will help you with your loan only if you will agree with the loan terms and condition. God Bless You Goodluck
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i am looking for donations or toys and i really need help i have a daughter she ten and my son who is four and i have been having a difficult time this year please help i am disable and i cant even get a tree please help this kids have a nice christmas god bless your hearts and i hope ya have a merry christmas and thank you
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I am 32 yrs old married to my high school sweetheart for 11 yrs. Together we have a 14 yr old and a 7yr old. We were young parents and during our time with trying to make ends meet with jobs that do not pay much and child care we have not been able to save the money needed to fix credit to get a home loan. My credit is not terrible but it needs improvement but when you are paying almost 1000.00 in rent and life with children saving is not something that is easily done. We don't have savings we are starting to get out of living check to check but really want to purchase a home! There are so many programs to help but none when taking a chance to finace someone that needs a home. I have always wanted to own my own home and it is a shame that 10yrs ago when I was 22 didn't have a stable job I could have gotten finaced for 0% down but now that I have a good job that I have worked for 5 years I can't get approved for anything. I have a judgement on my credit that I can't afford to pay so I will most likely never be able to have the american dream. Thank you Struggling to purchase a home in Tn.
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hi im gary i lived in my car up into tweeks now in a e help momachusetts gave her six weeks to move out of elder hud housing no where to go and needs money for a storage bin till she can afford a motel too if we both come up with funds we will be out in the street pleasmotel im okay but mom is 80 and the judge is eastbrookfield mass
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 in response to Scaloha...   I am not sure about resources in Hawaii. I would suggest checking your government regulations, on what you can do, and / or how long you have to pay that amount off. Sometimes the tax accessor/collector will make arrangements for paying out that amount of taxes.
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